Leadership that cares about us.



Sophia is running to make North Carolina the best state in the country to raise a family

How do we do that? By caring for children, caregivers, and communities.

Our Children

Baby girl riding slide at park

Public schools.

Ensure every child age three or older has access to high-quality publicly funded education.

Career readiness.

Expand affordable access to community college and job training programs like paid apprenticeships.

Healthy kids.

Support the mental and physical health of children beginning before they are born and extending well beyond graduation.

Our Caregivers

Durham, North Carolina building shot

Women’s rights.

Safeguard access to abortion, contraception, and bodily autonomy.

Family health equity.

Tackle our state’s maternal mortality crisis and expand access to healthcare.

Work that works.

Stabilize and support working families by expanding childcare, increasing workforce housing, and providing livable wages.

Dignity for caregivers.

Supporting the people who make our communities function with clear rights and just wages.

Our Communities

Durham, North Carolina building shot

Affordable housing.

Expand the supply of affordable for-sale housing, change zoning laws, and provide increased emergency assistance.

Support for working families.

Make it possible for families to be healthy, whole, and employed.

Community justice.

Increase equity in our justice system.

A green future.

Protect our environment and invest in a clean energy future.

Support leadership that cares.