Sophia fights hard for the things she cares about.

When she worked in the Obama White House and at the Labor Department, Sophia learned that “people are policy.” She loves the people in our community, and that care is revealed in clear policy priorities that reflect who she is as a working mom, daughter of union members, and women’s health advocate. Sophia has been fighting for the things she believes in –like protecting a woman’s right to choose, abolishing the death penalty, and protecting public education – since before she could vote. Sophia fights hard, but she also collaborates deeply and respects people who don’t agree with her.

Our district is ready for change.

We need new energy, new tactics, and new dedication to get smart legislation passed, and to get back in the majority. Sophia is running because she believes Durham deserves to be represented in the Senate by someone who shares our community’s progressive values. Durham deserves a Senator who will have the back of our next Democratic Governor, and not work against their colleagues to overturn his vetoes. Durham deserves a State Senator who reflects our community’s commitment to health equity and environmental protection. Durham deserves a Senator who is accountable to them, and that’s why Sophia isn’t taking corporate PAC money.

Sophia is a changemaker.

Sophia Chitlik has dedicated her career to empowering women and BIPOC entrepreneurs. An expert in businesses that support families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, Sophia has spent the past five years investing exclusively in women-led companies and nonprofits.

Sophia’s career began on the Obama Campaign, where she was an organizer. Sophia later went on to serve in the White House and in the Department of Labor as one of the youngest Presidential Appointees in the Obama Administration. After leaving Washington, Sophia worked for education non-profits as a Chief of Staff, eventually rising to become a Chief Operating Officer of the Future Project, an organization committed to helping young people discover their passions. Sophia then went on to work as a strategic planning consultant, partnering with public and private sector leaders all over the world.

Sophia is a mom and an advocate.

In 2021, Sophia was fortunate enough to give birth to her son with pioneering local midwife, Tina Braimah. For the past year, Sophia has been working with Tina to open North Carolina’s first Black-owned birth center, Aya Birth & Community Wellness, right here in Durham. Sophia is a proud member of the North Carolina Network of Maternal Healthcare Funders and Funders for Birth Equity and Justice.

Sophia is the winner of Jewish for Good’s 2021 Young Leadership Award and is active in her synagogue, Beth El. Sophia graduated magna cum laude from New York University, majoring in Political Community Building.